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Focus on traditional Flamenco music: for both singers and dancers.

  • 35 US dollars
  • 4 West 43rd Street Studio 801 New York City

Descripción del servicio

Cante Classes explore the technique and music of traditional Flamenco Letras, or verses. These classes are very important for singers that wants to explore flamenco songs but also for dancers that wants to have more knowledge about where and how to dance with the cante. Cante Class is more than just singing, is learning how the songs and dancing intertwine. Learning the rhythm, verses and elements of Cante does not depend on the voice alone, although we do learn singing and breathing technique in this class. Learning Cante, and the elements of Flamenco Letras help dancers to achieve a better understanding of Flamenco. Cante is not separate from dancing, and Cante Class helps with these essentials. In authentic Flamenco, Cante and dancing are partners. Mixed Level, no previous Flamenco experience/training is required Classes are IN PERSON at Flamenco Vivo Studios in NYC. Drop-in ok! For more information please contact us at


Flamenco Vivo, #608 4 West 43rd Street, New York, NY, USA

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